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My sweet time

6/21/06 11:44 pm - Misplaced days arranged with the serenity of summer.

So it's definitely summer. Almost a month into it to be exact. And so far, it is so crazy. I haven't met so many people in my life. I work now, and softball is starting to pick back up again. Hopefully for the best. I've changed alot since school has ended. For the worst or the best? Let's just say I've changed. And whats in the past, is in the past. I hold no regrets..just the opened eye of a learning process. I can do nothing but learn from the steps I have taken. Whether they were the right or wrong choices, I chose them. And i must live with them. But again, its in the past. And im willing to move on. B/c it feels good to wake up and have not a care in the world. Only to look at the sunrise for the answers to the day. And even then, you can't predict whats going to happen. Thats the great part about life. Spontaneous things happen at any moment. It's a odd feeling. Yet I crave for it every night i lay day. B/c i know how cool it's going to be, to learn something new the next day. And this summer, is definitely about the learning process. B/c whether i want to or not, im growing up. And my senior year is approaching. I've been preparing for this year all my life. And it's around the corner. My summer fun has not ended yet. But there is a line i draw myself now. I like this new me. Actually, its the old me...it's just starting to finally shine through now.fo tru.

4/16/06 11:40 pm - Liar, Liar

Spring break is over. Tomorrow we go back to school, forgetting how we spent our last week. But then again summer is almost here. About five more weeks, and I can welcome more silence into my life. Three months of silent summer days before I enter my senior year. And i know that no one reads livejournal anymore. It's more of a reason to write what i want, and nobody will see it. Because after all, all i'm really doin is repeating these words to myself. It's almost to make myself feel more comfortable in the body im possessing these days. I won't lie, i feel i haven't been the same. Haven't been acting the same, i feel i've put my beliefs behind me..and letting my needs and goals slip away. when i knew what i wanted, i would shoot for it. now i feel like i've been let down so much, its hard to rely on alot of things. so i rely on the light. the light of the sun the next morning to wake me up and present a new day. im done dwelling on the past. i say those words, but i know tonight ill cry a tear of sorrow. the sorrow that only bleeds the past. ill be truthful to myself...my heart lies in the past.

3/7/06 11:42 pm - My sweet time..

I feel like I've changed lately..The past five months haven't been the same..I've lost many friends due to crappy circumstances..and well i think ive taken it too close to heart..so i stand here tonight, changing-no going back to who i use to be..b/c im definitely not the same..but i can change how i look at things now..i miss my old self, and im saying that it is definitely coming back..no matter what. why live the way ive been? its just miserable..so im doin something about it..hopefully its for the best.

1/11/06 10:40 pm - Happy Hump Day!

So it's wednesday..Can't wait till friday, as always..FNR. Plus theres no practice friday..hellz yea..And monday no school! its like god has touched upon me..So yeh tonight was fun, went to woodys with some softball chicks after practice..We're tryin to go every wednesday to chill out and bond with eachother..So it was hilarious. Everyone was dancin in the parking lot after we ate..Fun stuff. So i gotta get some rest..Im so frikken sore from softball. Plus KAELIN hit me in the ankle..haah jk jk..but no she really did.lol. Lata ya'll.

1/2/06 07:29 pm - Wash your clothes im self pity

Tonight was a beautiful night. It wasn't cold at all. And all of a sudden, right before the sun was going down, I got this urge to go outside and just sit in silence. It was so peaceful. I finally got to go over everything that happened in 2005. Even though all those things are in the past. It's still hard to believe that that year is over. And now, a whole new one to fill up with new and hopefully great memories. So far the year is going good. And I have a feelin this guy is gonna complicate things. He's already got me distracted.

12/18/05 09:31 pm - New years..better rock

Sometimes i really wonder why I'm alone. Like what do I do to repell guys? I always lose the ones that mean the most to me. And im afraid to let myself fall again, b/c i dont want to get hurt. I set myself up for rejection..Let me forget this and move on. i want to see whats out there..im sick of bein alone. i want to be wanted back. hmm.

12/7/05 03:24 pm - Dancing where the evening fell..

Happy hump day everyone..I thought it was appropiate since it is hump day and all (wednesday). So it's the middle of the week, and today we had a half day in school. That was pretty cool, math class took forever to get over with..But in Psychology we played 'telephone' and 'heads up 7 up'..We were going back to the kids within us. Haha, it was fun though. Just chillin around and not being so serious for once in school. It can take your mind off alot of things. We have exactly one week and a half to go until Christmas break. a hoot woot! haha bad thing is..finals are next week. Blah. oh well. So I can't wait till friday. B/c, it's friday. Come on people, friday nights are the best. Since the days in school are not that interesting, I'll definitly hit ya'll with the whole scoop this weekened..Peace ya'll

11/30/05 10:02 pm - Forget What You Know

It's amazing how much I could dread one approaching day. So I sit here, 10:04 pm on a wednesday night. Waiting for the clock to strike midnight..In which the day will be declared as Thursday, December 1st. There's two good things this month hold: 3 week break, and New Years Eve.. I'm sure the presents help. There's only so much presents can do..Money can't buy ya love.hah. Just like the song. So, It's my first day back at school for a while..We had the five day weekend, then I was sick most of the time..And I ended up missing monday and tuesday in school. Wow did I miss alot of stuff. Work? No..more like the pc drama that follows. But I'm way to cool to put all my crap in my livejournal b/c thats what everyone else does, and I'm over it. I don't feel like being the one to list all the shitty things drama holds. I've been through it with softball, volleyball, friends, and heart breaks..It's not worth it. So December 1st might suck royally, but I'm gonna make it through with style...What else can a girl do?haha

11/27/05 11:46 pm - Coughum...

Ehhhhh! I'm sick. I don't feel good, it sucks major! I think I have strept throate..Which is kinda a bummer. So I'm missing school tomorrow b/c the rent's told me to. And I hate that I have to miss school right after our five day weekend. But I am looking forward to our three weeks b/c that means x-mas break!!! and We have like three weeks off this year..right on doggy. So I'm looking forward to that..Friday is yet again FNR...we need to pick up again on regular schedule..So I think keeetie and me are goin to a movie then to icecream..a hoot woot...crillville might hit it up with us..right on ya'll..peace

11/26/05 10:17 pm - oc is such a hottie....haha

I cut my hair...It's purty..I like it...cause it's short and spunky.haha..
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